Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mark Hamburger, St. Paul Saints

The St. Paul Saints June 17-19 stop at Shaw Park was a drubbing that left the Goldeyes and their fans ducking for cover. One of the highlights though for the die-hard autograph seekers was Mark Hamburger, who threw for the Saints in Game 2. He turned out to be one of the friendliest characters they'd met in some time and they couldn't stop raving about him! And he still throws a decent game as well.

Christian Ibarra, Lincoln SaltDogs

Mere days after the Lincoln SaltDogs passed through Winnipeg, Christian Ibarra's contract was purchased by the Minnesota Twins (Shot June 3-5 at Shaw Park, Winnipeg). Added bonus, a 2015 shot of Ibarra while still with the Amarillo Thunderheads.

Jose Sermo, Gary Southshore Railcats

Jose has been impressive in two abbreviated seasons in Gary, and now the Boston Red Sox have come calling and his contract has been sold back to the majors. I had the luck of snapping some early shots when Jose joined the team last year, and one of these made it to the Railcats' card set for 2015. Congrats Mr. Sermo! (Photos taken July 16, 2015 at Shaw Park, Winnipeg, and Aug. 22, 2015 in Fargo, N.D.).

Benji Waite, pitcher, St. Paul Saints

First met Benji as a Goldeye, later as a RedHawk and now he's slinging middle relief for the St. Paul Saints. Almost didn't recognize him during the Saints last series in Winnipeg, as Benji's shorn his trademark flow. We miss him up here! (Shot at Shaw Park, Winnipeg on June 19, 2016)


Haven't had as much time to post here as of yet, I'm still getting settled in as one of the official photographers for the Goldeyes this year. More responsibilities to post elsewhere at the moment, I still get game day shots on the Northern Batteries twitter account and Facebook page. I think here I might just post random portfolios of players, always nice to draw attention to a player that may have gone under the radar as far as photos go. I'll be putting up a few sets in the next few's time to get this clubhouse up and running again!