Friday, August 21, 2015

A quick word about scores, schedules and blogging

One of the less rational endeavours I've undertaken during this summer of baseball is to post the American Association final scores and schedules daily. It's a bit of work but I can't complain too much, as we usually only have nine games or so tops, and that's only if there's a few double-headers. However, I've decided from here on out to only post the scores and schedules to The Northern Battery's Twitter page. The daily results seem to have found the most appreciative audience on Twitter, while they seem to dilute the photo content on the blog. The daily numbers for this blog demonstrate that people want photos and stories here, not the scoreboards. I've nixed the scoreboard and schedules from the Facebook page as well. Still figuring my way through all of these social media channels; I'm sold on the blog, and Twitter has been a fantastic way to reach new audiences and connect with the players, teams and fans. Facebook I'm still not as sure about. The audience there is far more localized, mostly Goldeyes fans looking for shots of the most recent games. Perhaps I'll change the Facebook focus in that regard. And I'm still not sure where or if Instagram fits in with all of this! It's been an interesting exercise to watch The Northern Battery grow, one click at a time; to each and every one of you, thanks for your interest in the blog and independent baseball! This is only the beginning. Cheers, Dan

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