Sunday, July 3, 2016

Socks Up for Kids

Goldeye Great Max Poulin was at the July 3 game vs. Sioux Falls for a very special reason: to support Beyond Borders and their efforts to combat child exploitation. Both the Goldeyes and the Canaries wore their socks up for the game, and even took a rare break during the 7th inning for a mid-field photo. Great cause aside, I love the look of the high socks; Gary-Southshore wear it team-wide for each game and it looks very sharp. Maybe I'm old school but I love it. Pictured here are: Pitcher Shawn Blackwell and the Canaries; Adam Heisler, who returns after two-weeks on the injured reserve with his name still in the AA's top 10 batting leaders; Canaries' David Bergin; and the giant Goldeyes/Canaries group shot with Max Poulin.

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