Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Storm weather

After beating the Saints twice in as many days, Game 3 was set for July 20. Duke Von Schamann was on the mound for the Fish while the formidable Mark Hamburger (undefeated this season) was in for the Saints. Mother nature had other ideas, however, as the killer humidity hit a cold front and the clouds starting swirling in the sky over Shaw Park. The players, who were sent to their dugouts because of the lightening, stuck around to watch the crazy cloud formations. I stuck around and watched along with them; Jacob Rogers pointed out a funnel cloud spiralling down towards St. Boniface, just behind the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It lasted less than a minute, making it halfway to the ground before it pulled apart again. I was glad my old neighbourhood was spared the damage! Other parts of town weren't so lucky. Game was called with St. Paul up 3-0 in an 1.5 innings. We'll finish the game off Aug. 15!

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